Enter the capsule of the Mercury or Gemini space programs, and take it into orbit to complete missions!

The game will come with an Arcade mode, a Pro mode and Historic mode.

With the release of Technical Preview II, hundreds of fixes to Project Mercury has been made to make it more stable and playable. In addition, Project Gemini has been added with Academy sections and PRO missions that will help you learn how to operate it.




EASY & Fun

In Arcade mode, you play from a 3rd person perspective where you have to fly and maneuver the rocket and capsule using simple controls and tools.



Fly like a real astronaut!

Let’s face it – flying a rocket to space is not a simple task. It requires the study of the rocket, capsule, mechanics and operations. It requires training and practice.

In this mode, you will have complete control of all the buttons, switches, fuses and systems the capsule has to offer. You need to follow checklists, pay attention to gauges, recover from frequent minor failures, be prepared and look for major failures to complete a given mission.


Project Mercury

The Mercury capsule is modelled after the Mercury Familiarization Manual SEDR 104 (5/20/1962) used by MA-7 (Carpenter) and MA-8 (Schirra) and contains most of the simple and advanced controls of all the different Mercury Capsule configurations, including the satellite clock, the Earth Path Indicator, the electrical system using 3 main fuel cells, two standby and one isolated and so on.

All training needed to fly the capsule is available in-game, the Mercury Flight Manual (in development), but it is highly recommended to read the manual. You can find the manual here: https://www.ibiblio.org/mscorbit/document.html


Project Gemini

The Gemini capsule is modelled after the Project Gemini familiarization manual (SEDR 300), Vol.2 – Rendezvous and Docking configuration that includes the Fuel Cells as the main power source, and the required equipment for performing rendezvous and docking in space.

The PRO missions will teach you the basics step-by-step, as well as the Academy and the Gemini Flight Manual (in development). I highly recommend reading the official manual released by NASA. You can find the manual here:


The Mercury Cockpit Panel