Reentry - An Orbital Simulator comes with four study-level spacecrafts, and the Lunar Roving Vehicle. Each of these spacecrafts has been modelled after the real manual made public by NASA.


Project Mercury was the first American space program where the first American was launched into space. The Mercury Capsule was capable of orbital flight, and was launced into space by two launch vehicels: the Redstone and the Atlas rockets.


Project Gemini was the 2nd American space program. The Gemini Capsule had room for two astronauts, and had an on-board computer to help with orbital navigation and guidance. It was launched into space on the Titan II rocket.


Project Apollo was the 3rd American space program with the goal of landing on the Moon. Two spacecrafts was built. The Command and Service Module had room for three astronauts, and was the primary spacecraft in the Apollo program, while the Lunar Module could fit two astronauts, and was the spacecraft the carried the astronauts from the CSM to the lunar surface and back. The Lunar Rover was built to increase the exploration range on the lunar surface.