The Team

Reentry - An Orbital Simulator is developed and created by Petri Wilhelmsen. In addition, some parts of the game has been exposed as open source projects where other can contribute with missions, language support and checklists.

The team around the community and testing consists of the Moderators where Martin Sundhaug,

Nikolai, Serpatron, SamSam and SwGustav runs the community while the Test Pilots tests unreleased bits.

Petri Wilhelmsen

Petri is the Founder of Wilhelmsen Studios and Reentry - An Orbital Simulator. He spends most of his spare time building the product. 

Petri started his computing adventure on an old Spectravideo/Commodore 64 and quickly realized that graphics programming was his thing. For the past 25 years, graphics programming and visualization has been his passion.

Petri was awarded the Microsoft MVP award on XNA and DirectX for his community involvement and speaker engagements, before joining Microsoft. He spent 8 years in Microsoft, both in Oslo, Norway and in Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA where he focused on Windows, Mixed Reality and Graphics.

Petri currently work for Dolittle as a Sr. Program Manager.

Tuuli Wilhelmsen

Tuuli is the Administrative Director of Wilhelmsen Studios where she runs the day-to-day business. She also helps shaping the product, and develops core logic of the game.

Tuuli has been working in Wilhelmsen Studios since 2019. She holds a degree of Master of Philosophy in Psychology and is currently taking a degree in Business Information Technology.